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Venue Draping


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Venue Draping is a superb way of transforming an entire venue or simply altering the appearance of a particular wall or space. We can use a combination of thick and thin pleated drape with an optional swag. The drapes are erected using a stand-alone pipe and base system; this allows them to be free-standing which means we do not need to attach anything to the wall of your venue.

Ceiling Draping can also transform your room into a palace. A good draping design will positively transform the atmosphere of your room and enhance your theme. It can help mask unsightly elements like poorly maintained ceilings and unfortunate ceiling fixtures. It can help eliminate acoustic noise in rooms with hard surfaces like marble and glass. In rooms with very high ceilings, it creates a warm and intimate atmosphere, bringing the perceived ceiling height down to a more comfortable scale. In spaces that are naturally beautiful, you can use the draping to enhance the features of your room.

We house all types of draping material along with a large selection of black and white starlit backdrops.

Perfect for


We can drape as high as 16ft / 4.85m, and we house enough stock to drape a few football pitches worth.

You should be able to get a floor plan with dimensions from your venue. that along with some photos of the venue from various angles is normally enough for us to be able to produce a quote. We would always conduct a site visit should we feel we need to.

Of course, we can add uplights to all of our drapes along with any colour

Sure, just mark off the areas of the floorplan which you would want to be draped and we can work the rest out for you.

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