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Rigging & Staging

Rigging & Staging


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Rigging & Staging

For any type of event, it’s paramount that the audience is able to see the main attraction. Whether it be a catwalk, awards ceremony, or performance, your guests need a clear view. Our versatile equipment allows you to tailor build a stage that effectively relays the nature of the event and ensures guests have maximum viewing pleasure.

Whether it’s a large scale performance or an intimate show, we can supply a wide variety of quality rigging hire that will enable you to take the event to the next level.

Suspending or flying audio, lighting, visual aids, and/or even stage props can give an added dimension to your event with the use of rigging. However, this can also have its dangers without the right experience. Even though our experienced riggers & production managers have creativity flowing through their veins, safety & professionalism is paramount to our work. We thoroughly plan for your occasion & test all of our equipment before every event to ensure our execution runs like clockwork.

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In the events industry, ‘rigging’ refers to the methods and equipment used to hold other equipment such as lighting, video screens, audio equipment etc., and secure them in the correct position, often suspended overhead or in a vertical position.

The need for rigging will depend on the equipment required for the event. If there are lighting fixtures, LED video walls, projectors etc, there will likely be an element of rigging required. if you would like lighting in the ceiling of your event space then this would be generally achieved with rigging. When booking a venue it’s key to ask if they have rigging points in their ceilings to ensure this is possible.

Ceiling rigging is extremely useful if maximising the full capacity of the room is a priority as ground support structures can take up valuable floor space. Ceiling rigging also allows you to be more creative in the overall design of the room.

Staging comes in a modular form in various sizes. This gives the freedom to build a stage to any dimensions required including heights. All stage tops can be carpeted or bespoke textures are also available along with the custom fascia boards.

The legs for the staging are responsible for the overall height of the stage. Although these are in stock in standard sizes of 1ft, 2ft, 3ft, they can be customised to any height to create tiered stages and designs.

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