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Aashiqui Mandap


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Aashiqui Mandap

Introducing Aashiqui, a magnificent mandap designed and hand-carved in-house, showcasing unparalleled craftsmanship. This exquisite masterpiece is adorned with elegant lighting throughout, creating a captivating and well-illuminated focal point for your special event.

The sculpted crown roof of Aashiqui stands as a testament to its artistic beauty and can be further enhanced by the addition of flowers, accentuating the natural allure of the wooden finish.

Our Aashiqui mandap package offers the choice between a 6 or 4 pillar mandap, with the option of a luxurious gold roof fabric to enhance its regal appearance. Included in the package is a 30ft Mandap backdrop with up lights, setting the stage for a truly enchanting ambiance. For seating arrangements, we provide two main chairs for the bride and groom, two side chairs, two Kanyadan chairs (small chairs), two Bajots (square platforms for puja), two Patlas (rectangular platforms for puja), and one Havankund (fire vessel) for sacred rituals.

To add a touch of traditional elegance, our package also includes a set of four wooden Choris (stacked pots for the ceremony), along with six or eight aisle way pedestals, six or eight aisle way statues, a matching aisle way gate, and a captivating foyer display.

Elevate your special day with the mesmerising beauty and unmatched craftsmanship of Aashiqui, creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

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