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Elevate Your Event with Unforgettable Audio and Visual Experiences.

The impact of audio and visual effects on creating a truly spectacular event cannot be underestimated. It has the power to transform an ordinary gathering into an extraordinary and awe-inspiring experience that will leave you and your guests speechless.

At Avari Events, we understand the importance of every detail. That’s why we offer meticulous consulting services, accompanying you every step of the way, from initial ideas to flawless execution. Our expertise spans power delivery, content creation, and technical know-how, ensuring that your event reflects your vision in every aspect.

We know that organising an event can be daunting, with numerous logistics to navigate. That’s why we provide a tailored solution that can be customised to fit your unique needs, from CAD/technical diagrams to comprehensive health and safety considerations. As part of our comprehensive range of services, our dedicated audio and video brand offers an extensive array of options.


For more information, please visit our website at Rest assured that all our services are provided from the same office and warehouse, meaning your event requirements will be seamlessly managed by the same dedicated event manager.


Let us bring your event to life with exceptional audio and visual experiences that will exceed your expectations. Contact us today to embark on an unforgettable journey.


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Anything that requires sounds and sights is referred to as audio and visual. So everything from speakers to large format video displays and anything in between is included. This service might range from a two-speaker PA system to a full-fledged concert production. We have a different brand inside the Avari Events company that delves deeper into this service. Both brands operate out of the same offices and warehouse, giving you complete control over your event.

This is determined by the size of your selected location, the number of guests, and the sort of audio being projected, among other factors. This information is often used to develop your audio solution.

It depends on the application; for persons speaking or singing, we recommend our wireless range of microphones. If we are recommending a microphone for a band, we would need to know which instruments require amplification.

No need to be concerned; we can comply with venue laws and ensure that volume levels are properly regulated to avoid a peak in their limiter. Normally, we would recommend distributing the music across the room with numerous speakers to get a greater spread without having to blast strong noises in one place.

To add the necessary effects, we would need to connect the band to one of our professional digital audio mixing desks.

This is conceivable; we can just provide you with the necessary cable connection; but, the audio quality through a mobile connection is not always the best. Please contact us to discuss this further, and we will give you the best option.

LED video walls are made up of separate panels, allowing for greater versatility in terms of size and form. Call a member of our professional staff to discuss your event’s requirements, and we will provide appropriate advice.

Multiple walls of varying sizes and forms are feasible. They can also all play the same or
different material. Call a member of our experienced team to discuss your events needs and we can advise accordingly.

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